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  • Hoefats
  • Giovane Azienda Tedesca, specializzata nella produzione di BBQ innovativi e di design...

    Brands: Hoefats

    • CONE charcoal grill

      CONE charcoal grill

      is the worldwide first charcoal grill where you can adjust the heat directly. It ...

      € 600,00
    • CONE Cover

      CONE Cover

      fits like a tailored suit. In order to protect CONE optimally, we have developed ...

      € 90,00
    • CONE Health Grid

      CONE Health Grid

      isn’t just another cast iron grid. The dripping plate which has specially been ...

      € 130,00
    • CONE Board

      CONE Board

      Shelf space is always useful by grilling - the cold drink is close at hand and ...

      € 60,00
    • CONE Mounting

      CONE Mounting

      The Mounting kit allows to mount CONE to all worktops. For all those, who are ...

      € 650,00
    • CUBE fire basket black

      CUBE fire basket black

      Everyone knows the atmospheric charm of an open fire – but how to ...

      € 300,00
    • CUBE fire basket rusty

      CUBE fire basket rusty

      The visual alternative for the black CUBE. This model handles the usual ...

      € 250,00
    • CUBE Grid

      CUBE Grid

      By the use of the stainless steel grid, CUBE can be grilled on. The grid can be ...

      € 45,00
    • CUBE Board

      CUBE Board

      By the use of the solid bamboo board, CUBE is easily transformed into a seat, a ...

      € 60,00
    • Gloves


      The robust höfats grilling gloves made of pure, extremely dense suede and Kevlar ...

      € 40,00
    • JC Magnet

      JC Magnet

      probably the world´s most functional and minimalistic wall mounted bottle ...

      € 25,00
    • JC Cup

      JC Cup

      probably the world´s most functional and minimalistic wall mounted bottle ...

      € 30,00
    • Tongs


      Due to their asymmetric shape, the tongs lie ergonomically and safely in your ...

      € 30,00
    • Apron


      The ingenious höfats apron turns you and your grilling cooking skills into a ...

      € 40,00
    • Steaktools


      tools meeting the demands of a perfect piece of meat. Due to the sharp blade, the ...

      € 70,00
    • BBQ Starter

      BBQ Starter

      höfats‘ chimney starter can be used like a normal one, but also according to the ...

      € 45,00


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